Konica Minolta and SICK enter a Strategic Alliance in further development of advanced LiDAR-Technology


Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) and SICK AG (SICK) today announced that they have signed a strategic alliance agreement. As a first step, Konica Minolta will supply a modified version of its independently developed 3D LiDAR to SICK on an OEM basis. SICK has added to this its AppSpace platform which is focusing on Sensor Intelligence for Factory and Logistics automation markets. Furthermore, the two companies have started joint development of products and solutions, drawing on the broad and complementary technology portfolio of both companies, in order to offer novel value added sensor solutions for the fast growing automation market.

Konica Minolta has been developing service solutions in the condition monitoring market with combination of its 3D LiDAR and other hardware, which utilise its strengths in optical engineering and image processing technologies. In such as building automation, security, and autonomous driving, a realisation of safe and secure manufacturing by using highly accurate and reliable hardware as well as data analysis is urgently needed. SICK, a worldwide leader of sensor solutions for industrial applications provides innovative products and solutions which set standards in the field of sensor technology all over the globe. Through the alliance Konica Minolta and SICK aim to strengthen their solution businesses along with further developing the mass production of 3D LiDAR and other sensing technologies.


Prospects of Business Development

Konica Minolta and SICK have also started a sensor and sensor solution joint development of further products in the area of 3D LiDAR.



Konica Minolta’s 3-D LiDAR delivers wide-view and high-accuracy 24-line scan capability, as well as 3-D moving object recognition. The company looks ahead to develop industry system solutions such as high security field including condition monitoring and digital manufacturing and digital marketing fields by utilising these technologies.


SICK AppSpace

With SICK AppSpace, the company is presenting an open platform for programmable sensors from SICK. The SICK AppSpace eco-system offers system integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) the freedom and flexibility to develop their application software directly on the programmable SICK sensors to fit their specific tasks. This makes it possible to implement tailor-made solutions for individual customer needs.